Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"
Clint Wickman Originals

Soaring Bald Eagle Relief Wood Carving - "Aloft"

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This carving will be completed after your purchase. I carve each one individually so it will not be exact, but very similar to the sample photos you see.

Please allow 3 weeks for ordered carvings to be completed and shipped. 

As this carving hangs on the wall, it is approx. 34" high by 24" wide. Wingtip to wingtip is approx. 36".

 Clint Wickman Original Wall Art  © Copyright 2018


The definition of Aloft is "at or to a great the air..." and I think this fits the carving very well. The Bald eagle is a beautiful thing to see in flight, and their aerial maneuvers are spectacular. I hope you enjoy this swooping eagle.


This is an original relief wood carving that I designed and will carve in my studio. I carve everything by hand with power tools. I will glue up three pieces of kiln dried Pine wood for this eagle and then carve as one piece. Using separate pieces of wood for the body and the wings I can design it in a way that the grain of the wood runs with the feathers, etc. to make a much stronger piece.

On this carving, much of the coloring and shading is burned on by hand. I also add some stains to the Eagle head and tail.

The back of the carving is flat for wall mounting, and I carve a recessed flush mount hanger for a nail or screw head. I also hand engrave my signature and the year made on the back of each carving.


This carving gets two coats of quality finish. First, the wood is sealed with shellac, and then I brush on a coat of exterior grade U.V. resistant Spar Urethane with a "satin" sheen. This wood carving is however intended for indoor use. If you want to place it outdoors, I recommend brushing on a few more coats of Spar Urethane/Varnish.


All of my carvings are very well packed, and shipped fully insured for the rare chance of loss or damage. I have been shipping carvings for the past 16 years, and 99% have arrived in perfect condition.

100% Complete Satisfaction:

I strive to create the highest quality wildlife wood carvings. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you receive your carving and there is a problem, or you are not happy with anything, please contact me right away and I will gladly help in any way I can.

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